A Long-Term Loading Bay Solution for Clients in Redditch

by Amber Doors

For businesses all over the UK, driver-related loading bay damages can be a costly problem. In a busy goods-in or despatch department, a number of different vehicles reverse into a loading bay on a daily basis, delivering materials or picking up goods, ready to transport them to their next location. The problem is, if a loading bay isn’t designed for use by some larger vehicles, or if drivers are careless when reversing, over time, damages to the loading bay equipment or the building can start to mount, resulting in expensive repair or replacement costs.

Whilst businesses can control what comes in and what leaves, it’s much more difficult for them to control the drivers or vehicles that visit their premises, so there is always a risk of driver-related loading damages. As a result, we’re contacted on a regular basis to carry out repairs and install new loading bay equipment. It’s a normal occurrence for us to make bespoke loading bay equipment, including dock levellers, dumpers, wheel guides and shelters.

Recently, a client in Redditch had a problem where double-decker trailers from Europe were too high for their loading bays and were causing damage regularly. They were travelling over the top of the bay plinth and destroying the doors and surrounding cladding. This was an issue that couldn’t continue, so our client contacted us.

We repaired the damaged doors and cladding without issue, however, it was down to us to prevent such problems happening again in the future. Our solution was to design, fabricate and fit new dock bumpers. The bumpers were installed so that they were raised above the concrete plinth, preventing taller trailers from being able to reverse far enough to cause further damage to the bay.

Our client was extremely happy with the finished results, not to mention, delighted by the money they would be saving in future repair costs!  At Amber Doors, we always do our best to deliver the most cost-effective solution for clients – not only do we provide a wide range of industrial doors and loading bay equipment at very reasonable prices, but we also aim to provide long term solutions that will save our clients’ money in the future.

You can find more information on Amber Doors loading bay services here. To talk to our helpful team, please call 0121 565 6161.

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