How to avoid loading bay accidents

by Amber Doors

If you want to avoid fatal accidents and expensive lawsuits, the importance of your loading bay security cannot be underestimated. From falls and crushing to crashes and collisions, the risks are everywhere.

It’s not just the obvious things that can cause a problem – differing specifications for docks and vehicles, site visitors and a lack of communication between warehouse staff and drivers can all cause serious catastrophes.

At Amber Doors, we’ve put our years of experience in the loading bay security industry to come up with the best ways that you can ensure the health and safety of your staff.

Provide good safety signage

Providing clear and visible safety signage allows staff and visitors to know the loading bay rules and to be aware of any potential risks. This could include signposting potential blackspots where people could get crushed, or instructions on how to park.

Other signals, such as red or green traffic lights, are often used at loading bays to show when it is safe or unsafe to move a vehicle. These signals should be clearly visible, free from glare and clear to understand.

Carry out risk assessments

Identifying potential risks is one of the most effective ways of making sure they don’t happen. It should look at things like:

-Where will goods be loaded and/or unloaded?

-Is there enough space around the loading bay?

-How good is visibility for drivers in and around the loading bay?

-Are you using the right loading bay equipment?

Refresh training regularly

Refreshing staff safety training regularly ensures they know how the loading bay operates and the steps they should follow to ensure everyone’s safety. A team member that doesn’t know or understand a crucial piece of safety information can be a weak link and put others at severe risk.

It can also be beneficial to agree a loading and unloading process with site visitors in advance as it ensures they follow a safe process when they arrive and leave.

Use a high-quality dock leveller and get it serviced regularly

A dock leveller’s job is to transport goods between levels smoothly and safely, minimising the risk of falling from height accidents. Therefore, the importance of using a high-quality, regularly serviced dock leveller cannot be underestimated, particularly in raised loading bays. If your dock levellers are showing signs of wear or are not performing adequately, they should be repaired by an engineer before being used.

Ensure the integrity of all machinery

All vehicles used on site should be regularly serviced to check that everything is in full working order. Loading vehicles with worn or damaged breaks, or a broken loading dock or scissor lift platform can have devastating effects.


At Amber Doors, we manufacture and install industrial doors and loading bay equipment and offer maintenance packages that help keep your machinery, site and staff safe. To find out how we can improve the safety of your operation, please call:  0121 565 6161.