Zip Door Installation in Worcestershire

Zip Door Installation in Worcestershire

We recently carried out an industrial door installation project for Kanes Foods. Based near Evesham in Worcestershire, Kanes Foods produce and supply an extensive range of fresh and healthy foods, including washed and prepared salads, prepared vegetables, fresh vegetable mixes for stir fries, stir fry sauces and salad dressings.

As a company committed to the highest quality and investing in advanced technologies, Kanes Foods were in need of a practical, fast acting and energy efficient door system. Given the high traffic flow of the factory, we agreed that a zip speed door would provide an ideal solution. Zip doors are fast operating and help to reduce heat loss, noise contamination and airborne pollution, as well as cutting down time lost waiting for conventional shutter doors to open or close.

For an environment such as a food preparation factory where temperature control and cleanliness are of paramount importance, our newly designed zip doors are an excellent solution for maintaining a constant temperature and preventing vermin or pests from entering the premises.

In the case of damage from impact, many industrial roller shutter doors can be expensive to repair and realign. This is not the case with zip doors – should the zip curtain become dislodged accidentally, a self-repairing system is activated, allowing the door to recover completely into its correct position in one cycle of opening and closing. Similarly to a zip on a piece of clothing, teeth on the sides of the zip curtain fit perfectly into teeth of the door opening, securing the door in place.

Features of zip speed doors include:

  • High level bottom safety edge detection
  • Fabric zip rolling curtain – vision windows are optional
  • Safety photo cell
  • Inverter drive
  • Break out system
  • Push button station

Following the completion of the zip speed door installation at Kanes Foods, our client was very satisfied with the finished product.

For further information on the specifications of zip speed doors, please contact the Amber Doors team on 0121 565 6161.

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