Loading Bay Solutions for Temperature Control

Loading Bay Solutions for Temperature Control

As one of the UK’s top manufacturers and installers of loading bay equipment, we regularly provide an extensive range of bespoke solutions for clients around the UK with different needs. We recently carried out installations for two separate clients that needed loading bay solutions that take temperature control into consideration.

Philip Dennis

Philip Dennis Foodservice are a regional food wholesaler, supplying customers throughout the Midlands, Oxfordshire and South West. As a food services company supplying frozen, chilled and ambient foods, along with fresh meat and fish, a temperature-controlled supply chain is essential.

For Philip Dennis, we installed new cushion seals at their loading bays, allowing for lorry drivers to reverse right up to the loading bay before shutter doors are opened. The vehicle reverses directly onto the cushion seal, compressing the foam and creating a successful seal to ensure the required temperatures are maintained and energy loss is minimal.

Oakland International

Oakland International are a multi-temperature supply chain specialist, providing ambient, chilled and frozen storage, as well as food tempering and chilled parcel delivery. As a result, temperature control is a key element to be considered when it comes to new loading bay solutions.

We talked with our client and decided that the most suitable loading bay solution for them would be to install a new inflatable dock shelter, reducing the ingress of the outside elements and keeping inside temperatures at a consistent level. Inflatable dock shelters are very flexible in terms of the range of different vehicles for which they are suitable.

As the shelter frame inflates, it forms a steady contact with the top and sides of the vehicle, providing an effective seal.

dock shelter

Following the completion of both projects, our clients were very pleased with the finished results.

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