Sectional Door Installation in Redditch

Sectional Door Installation in Redditch

At the tail end of 2018, we completed a sectional door installation project for a client in Redditch, Worcestershire. As a logistics company, our client wanted an industrial door system that would allow their vehicles to pass through, but also one that would provide effective security and insulation.

At Amber Doors, we design and manufacture bespoke sectional overhead doors in-house. Depending on customer requirements, we can make sectional doors almost completely full glazed, allowing for visibility inside a building, or constructed from solid double skinned steel to provide high levels of security.

In the case of our client in Redditch, security was their top concern, so we manufactured and installed solid, double skinned steel doors in grey, to match the rest of the building. In addition to preventing people from being able to see inside the building and providing a strong barrier, double skinned doors also act as an effective thermal insulator. Sectional overhead door panels are constructed from galvanised steel sheets, which are then bonded together using a CFC free polyurethane foam, with integral thermal breaks, making the door a strong insulator. The insulation properties of the panel joints combined with the galvanised steel panels themselves make for a door with an overall ‘U’ value of 0.60 w/m² - this is in excess of current building regulations.

In order to allow for staff to enter and exit the building quickly without the need to completely open the sectional doors, we installed a pedestrian door within one of the sectional doors.  This helps to prevent heat loss as the integral door can be opened and closed much faster than the overhead sectional door itself.

On completion of the project, our customer was very happy with the finished sectional door installations.

If you would like to find out more about energy saving insulated doors or would like to discuss an industrial door system solution to better suit your needs, please feel free to contact the Amber Doors team on 0121 565 6161.

In addition to manufacturing and installing industrial doors, we also provide a range of maintenance service packages to ensure that doors are functioning effectively. Wherever in the UK you are based, we can provide services to suit your unique needs.

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