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Energy Saving Strip Curtains

Strip Curtains / Rolls / SlidingTracks / Enclosures

Amber Doors offer a range of different colour energy saving strip curtains which are ideal for use in warehouses, food areas, cold stores, freezers and clean rooms. The strip curtains are manufactured from PVC and are able to reduce the amount of heat which can be lost though open doorways whilst also maintaining hygiene levels.

The vertical curtains are available for use with either a static or a sliding hanging system and can be used for almost any application or traffic type.

Main features of the energy saving strip curtains from Amber Doors:

  • Easy access between rooms
  • Can navigate 90° bends
  • An anti-bacterial option is available for food areas
  • The strips are easy to install
  • Ribbed PVC strips are available
  • Using the strip curtains can reduce heating bills
  • Replacement strips are available

To find out more about our energy saving strip curtains, please give us a call on 0121 565 6161.


energy saving strip curtains

energy saving strip curtains

energy saving strip curtains