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  • What We Got Up to in 2018

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  • Shutter Doors installation at South Yorkshire beauty spot

    The team at Amber Doors are delighted to have completed a recent large-scale project on behalf of Kier Services Limited.

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  • Loading Bay Solutions for Temperature Control

    Loading Bay Solutions for Temperature Control

    As one of the UK’s top manufacturers and installers of loading bay equipment, we regularly provide an extensive range of bespoke solutions for clients around the UK with different needs. We recently carried out installations for two separate clients that needed loading bay solutions that take temperature control into consideration.

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  • Zip Door Installation in Worcestershire

    Zip Door Installation in Worcestershire

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  • Security and Safety Doors for Carparks – May 2018

    Security and Safety Doors for Carparks – May 2018

    As manufacturers, suppliers and installers of a wide range of different industrial door and shutter products, our projects around the UK are extremely varied. In May 2018, we worked on two separate carpark projects with quite different requirements.

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  • A Brand-New Dock Leveller for Customers up in Wetherby

    A Brand-New Dock Leveller for Customers up in Wetherby

    Whilst we are based in the West Midlands, we regularly travel all around the UK to provide our specialist services to businesses of all sizes and sectors. For one of our recent projects, we travelled the 130 miles up to Wetherby, in West Yorkshire.

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  • Sectional Overhead Door System Installation for a New Build Industrial Unit in Weston-super-Mare

    We were recently called upon by a client in Weston-super-Mare to provide suitable doors for large openings in a new-build industrial unit.

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  • How to avoid loading bay accidents

    If you want to avoid fatal accidents and expensive lawsuits, the importance of your loading bay security cannot be underestimated. From falls and crushing to crashes and collisions, the risks are everywhere.

    It’s not just the obvious things that can cause a problem – differing specifications for docks and vehicles, site visitors and a lack of communication between warehouse staff and drivers can all cause serious catastrophes.

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  • This is the year that was: 2017 in review by Amber Doors

    It is safe to say that 2017 has been a busy year for Amber Doors. We’ve been involved in many exciting and challenging projects to improve access, fire security and safety for customers throughout the Midlands and beyond.

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  • A Long-Term Loading Bay Solution for Clients in Redditch

    Recently, a client in Redditch had a problem where double-decker trailers from Europe were too high for their loading bays and were causing damage regularly. They were travelling over the top of the bay plinth and destroying the doors and surrounding cladding. This was an issue that couldn’t continue, so our client contacted us.

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