Energy Saving High Speed Doors

Turboroll Door System

Here at Amber Doors we understand that if you have an area which has a high traffic flow, you'll need a door which opens at a high speed. This not only helps the business in terms of productivity, but it can also reduce the amount of heat which is lost from a building through open doors. Our Turboroll high speed doors can close as quickly as 1 metre per second, outperforming conventional doors by far. Our Turboroll door system has undergone wind testing to category 5 and can be available for delivery within 2 to 3 weeks of the order being placed.

Benefits of Energy Saving High Speed Doors

  • Reduces heat loss from a building
  • Decreases noise contamination from an industrial building
  • Cuts the amount of airborne pollution
  • Increases productivity as it reduces the amount of time which may have been spent wasted waiting for conventional doors to open and close

The doors are available in a choice of six colours:

  • Red (RAL 3002)
  • Orange (RAL 2004)
  • Yellow (RAL 1003)
  • Green (RAl 6026)
  • Blue (RAL 5010)
  • Grey (RAL 7031)

The maximum width of our turboroll door system is 4000mm and the maximum height is 4000mm.

For extra safety, we manufacture our high speed doors to include photo cells within the frame. Should the door be hit, the door will re-insert itself into the guides as there is no bottom bar which could be bent.

We ensure that all of our energy saving high speed doors include the following:

  • Photo cell
  • A bottom safety edge
  • Vision windows within the curtain
  • Inverter drive
  • Push button station
  • Re-insertion system

To find out more information about our energy saving high speed doors, feel free to contact our team on 0121 565 6161.


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