Energy Saving High Speed Doors

Turbofoll Door System

Amber Doors’ Turbofold Door System is an energy saving solution for doorways, suitable for a high flow of traffic. Using a fast folding action, the Turbofold Door System significantly reduces heat loss, noise pollution, airborne pollution, and most importantly, wasted time lost waiting for typical doors to open or close.

In order to function at such a high speed, the door uses a folding motion that collects the curtain as it rises or releases it as it falls.

As a standard safety measure, photo cells are built into the frame. In case of impact, the door can be reset in just a few seconds. As there is no bottom bar to be bent by impact, no specialist skills or tooling is needed.

This range of energy saving high speed door is designed for large openings both internal and external and are suitable for all uses, with the exception of clean rooms.

All Turbofold doors to include

  • Curtain with transparent vision windows
  • Photo cells built into the frame
  • Bottom safety edge
  • Push button control station
  • Inverter drive

Turbofold doors are available in these colours:

  • Blue (RAL 1003)
  • Green (RAL 2004)
  • Grey (RAL 7031)
  • Yellow (RAL 1003)
  • Orange (RAL 2004)
  • Red (RAL 3002)

A maximum width of 12000mm and maximum height of 10000mm. A door operating speed of 1 metre per second.

The Turboroll Door System is guaranteed to be wind tested to conform with category 5. The typical delivery date is from 2-3 weeks from order date.

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