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Amber-Slide 1000

Amber Doors manufacture and install automatic sliding doors which can be integrated into modern commercial properties. The specialist mechanism exclusively designed by our team at Amber Doors is known as the Amber-Slide 1000 and it is suited to heavy duty automatic doors.

Power, safety and reliability are all key to the design of the Amber-Slide. Due to the sturdy, heavy duty construction combined with extremely precise micro-processor technology, the Amber-Slide 1000 is one of the leading automatic sliding door operators on the market.

The Amber-Slide is highly versatile and is ideally suited to most modern building designs, easily pairing with different access control systems.

Key product features of the Amber-Slide 1000:

  • The Amber-Slide 100 is highly reliable and comes with an 18 month warranty
  • Just 10cm high and is one of the most versatile operators on the market
  • The advanced microprocessor technology is easily controlled and can be adjusted for optimum performance
  • The canopy stay features ensures the canopy can be held in place securely for easy installation and maintenance
  • The device contains a self-set up system and has a monitored battery backup. This is in accordance to BS7036:1996
  • The Amber-Slide 100 is manufactured using a heavy duty 100w Dunker motor gearbox
  • Doors can be easily secured using the interlock function
  • The Amber-Slide 100 has been designed and manufactured in the UK, its impressive design means that it is straightforward to install, repair and service

To find out more about the Amber-Slide 1000 from Amber Doors, feel free to give our sales team a call on 0121 565 6161