Automatic Swing Doors

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The automatic swing door operator from Amber Doors is suitable for all types of swinging doors. As the operator is manufactured by Amber Doors itself, it can be adjusted in order to be used for a wide range of applications and conditions. The automatic electro-hydraulic swing door operator is opened by a motor and then closed with an adjustable spring. The opening and closing speeds can be adjusted according to requirements.

automatic swing door part

Features of Amber Doors’ Automatic Swing Door Operator:

  • Power assisted meaning the door is very light to push
  • The unit is silent even when held in the ‘open’ position
  • Integrated door co-ordination
  • Contains monitored sensor inputs to ensure maximum safety
  • Can be expanded using add on boards
  • Battery back-up system available
  • Suitable for single or double doors
  • Fire rated
  • Also available as an ‘in-head’ solution
  • Contains a relay output for fault indicators

The automatic swing door operator can be fitted onto existing doors or brand new doors by our team of installers.

Swing doors are commonly used in schools, hospitals, offices and other commercial buildings. The doors are easy to operate and can help with accessibility for those people with limited mobility or buildings which have high levels of pedestrian traffic.

For more information on our swing door operators, please get in touch with our friendly sales team on 0121 565 6161.