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Traditional Roller Shutter Doors

Security & Access

Traditional roller shutter doors have been designed and constructed for use in industrial and commercial buildings. In most cases manufactured from 75mm concave galvanised lath, with optional plastisol and powder coating finish, sizes range from between 9 and 60 metres squared. Traditional roller shutter doors are operated by a gearless self-coiling operation or a geared hand chain single or three phase operation.

Traditional roller shutter doors are built to withstand wind speeds of up to and including 73mph, which is considered a hurricane on the Beaufort Scale. This ability to withstand strong winds is based on wind factors S1=1, S2 – 0.74 + S3 = 1 as defined in the Department of the Environment codes of practice (CP3 Chapter S1 part 2:1972) in a totally enclosed structure. If necessary, steel roller shutter doors can be designed and manufactured to withstand higher wind speeds.

All roller shutter door systems are installed by our fully trained team of fitters, all of whom are assessed to meet and have a good understanding of current health and safety regulations. To ensure paramount safety, all tools and equipment are fully inspected on a monthly basis to be sure that they meet necessary electrical and mechanical requirements. To make sure an excellent standard of workmanship is contained, random site inspections are carried out regularly and are efficiently documented and audited to ensure that no irregular trends are found. Before site work can be considered complete, our clients must first inspect the installation to ensure that any work completed is to their satisfaction.


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