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Traffic Barriers and Gate Systems

Security & Access

At Amber Doors, we install, repair and maintain a wide variety of automatic and manual barriers and gates. When installing any device, we take your particular needs into account so that we can provide the right service for you. Traffic barriers can be utilised not only to control the follow of traffic into your premises, but to also provide extra security.

Our traffic barriers and gate systems are ideal for smaller car parks, for example, for hotels or blocks of offices. The mechanisms are designed to be hardwearing and easy to maintain, whilst creating an absolute minimum of problems to those using them.

We install a number of mechanisms:

  • Both manual and automatic barrier arm mechanisms
  • Both manual and automatic barrier skirts
  • Folding arms designed to restrict maximum height
  • Stop discs
  • Automatic motion controlled mechanisms
  • Security barrier
  • Controlled access barrier
  • Car park barriers

Hinged gates are commonly used to secure a premises main vehicle entrance, however, due to the large swing space needed to operate hinged gates, they can sometimes create more problems than they solve. Sliding gate systems can be used for the same purpose, whilst requiring far less space. Our trackless gate systems can slide free of the road surface, allowing it to operate even in wintry weather conditions as it is not obstructed by icy or snowy surfaces.


gate systems

gate systems

gate systems