Dock Bumpers

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The principal purpose of the dock bumper is to protect the dock and the vehicle from the impact of trailers being reversed, loaded or unloaded in the dock. At Amber Doors we provide a range of dock bumpers, made with unique construction and patented materials to provide a much improved performance when compared to rubber bumpers.

The great thing about dock bumpers is that they are more durable, have a low friction face and do not have any exposed fixings. Our bumpers consist of an ultra-high molecular polyethylene front pad, two rubber cushioning strips and a hot-dipped galvanised steel back casing and retainer. Impact forces are spread over the entire buffer surface thanks to the cushioning strips and front pads are available in a choice of black or yellow polyethylene or yellow nylon.

What are the advantages of our dock bumpers?

Unique construction

The steel back casing, cushioning pads and replaceable front pads are all made from patented materials.

Extremely robust

Our dock bumpers are highly resistant to impact and frictional forces. When a vehicle is parked in contact with the bumpers the pad reduces the frictional forces.

No exposed fixings

No fixings are exposed on the front face of the pad so the bumper will not do any damage to reversing or unloading vehicles.


Our dock bumpers are more durable than rubber varieties and come with an easily replaceable front pad.

Environmentally friendly

Our dock bumpers are completely recyclable.

To find out more about the advantages of dock bumpers or to see which products would best suit your needs please contact the Amber Doors team on 0121 565 6161.


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