Dock Levellers

Loading Bay Services

At Amber Doors we offer a wide variety of dock levellers to ensure your loading bay areas are efficient and safe:

Swing Lip dock leveller

Swing lip dock levellers are well suited for most docking situations, particularly when trailers are reversed onto a loading bay to enable the trailer to be loaded through the rear doors. The standard lip size is 430mm which will suit most trailers but a larger lip can be supplied where necessary to service 300mm above or below the dock.

Telescopic Lip dock leveller

Telescopic lip dock levellers are ideal for unloading containers or to connect vehicles which are unable to drive up to the dock, perhaps because they are side-loading. These dock levellers come with lip lengths of 500mm 800mm and 1000mm to elongate the total length of the dock leveller.

Pit Mounted dock leveller

Pit mounted dock levellers are great for accommodating trailers of different sizes as they can allow for height adjustments. They are installed into a pre-formed pit - with the dock leveller welded to the steel rims cast into the concrete. There are two main types of pit mounted dock leveller:

  • Cast in ’C’ Type dock levellers – Once the pit is created with a recess around the top, steel rods are installed into the rebate to which the dock leveller ‘C’ Channel is then welded to
  • Cast in ’L’Type dock leveller – Once the pit is made with a recessed angle around the rim, the dock leveller is placed into position and welded in

The main product features of our dock levellers include:

  • Electro hydraulic operation - Built to BS EN 1398
  • Chequered plate platform surface
  • Safety maintenance prop
  • Gradient indicators
  • Green pilot lamp on control panel indicates when leveller is safe to use
  • Protection toe guards with black and yellow warning stripes

At Amber Doors we offer a wide variety of dock levellers, including Unidock and Blue Giant, to ensure your loading bay areas are efficient and safe

To find out more about our dock levellers or to enquire which type would best suit your loading bay areas please contact the Amber Doors team today on 0121 565 6161.